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Why Las Vegas?


A new study released by economist Howard J. Wall at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis ranked Las Vegas, Nevada as the "most livable metropolitan area".

According to Wall's findings, Las Vegas ran away with the title "most livable big city," beating the number two ranked Atlanta by two full points.

The study's author, Howard J. Wall, developed what he calls a "rational index," which ranks 59 metropolitan areas whose populations exceed 1 million based on the one irrefutable factor of a city's livability: the number of people who move there and stay.

His ranking was arrived at using a strict numerical guideline, unlike other popular rankings which factor in subjective judgments such as the existence of professional sports teams or opera houses.

According to City leaders, because the new study looks at the cities people are actually gravitating toward -- rather than factoring in elements that "should" draw them to a particular area

--Wall's study is a more realistic method of determining a community's appeal than previous rankings.

Ten Smart Reasons to Locate Your Business In The City of Las Vegas:

10. Ideally located to serve California and other key Western and Southwestern markets.

9. No corporate, inventory, franchise, or personal income taxes.

8. Rapidly growing labor force with average wage rates.

7. Excellent economic growth climate and a government with a pro-business attitude.

6. Excellent communications and transportation infrastructure and superb airport facilities.

5. Nationally recognized quality-of-life factors, including low costs for commercial real estate, utilities, and housing.

4. Reasonable lease rates for industrial and warehouse space.

3. Relative commuting ease, with quick access to the central business district.

2. Growing international business environment.

1. A right-to-work state.
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